SKA Business Growth Mastermind


✔ I want to develop a clear path for future success.
✔ I want to spend less time at work and increase my productivity.
✔ I want to spend more time working ‘on’ my business and less time working ‘in’ my business.

Sound familiar?
Then join other like-minded business owners to discover common challenges –
and share common solutions in the Business Growth Mastermind online program.

Each month a select group of business owners and leaders will meet via videoconference to discuss a variety of topics such as:

  • Becoming more strategically focused – working on the right things to grow your business, rather than just doing things right
  • Increasing your productivity without adding more time to your day
  • Upgrading your business skills and becoming more effective at strategic selling, business development, communication and leadership
  • Learning to leverage your environment for better results
  • Deciding the best ways to stand out in the market place and secure more business

Join us and start thinking beyond the limits of your mind. Start developing solutions sure to produce future results. Planning for the future can be fun! Contact us to learn more using the form below:


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