Executive Coaching

At Susan Katz Advantage, our executive coaching services will help you clarify your direction and create an achievable action plan for becoming a more effective and influential leader.

Being a successful executive takes more than business skills; it requires a masterful mindset. The best executives have a strong presence, exhibit effective time and priority management skills, exude influence, and set the tone for their teams, all while acting in a way that is congruent with their personal styles and strengths.

Our executive coaching sessions are designed to help you optimize and leverage your environment. We’ll give you a new perspective on how to:

  • Recognize and pursue the right opportunities,
  • Build better relationships with clients, colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and
  • Improve your decision-making processes

When you work with us, you’ll get to hear a fair, objective outside voice of someone whose only agenda is helping you get better as an executive and leader. We’ll help hold you accountable to make changes and take actionable steps forward to achieve specific results – for your team, your organization and your career.

Ready for the skills required for inspired, empowered action?
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