Create Your Dream Job

As the architect of your career, it’s time to design your Masterpiece.

DreamJob-bookIf someone where to tell you that you that the only person standing between you and the job of your dreams was you, what would you say? Would that be a refreshing or horrifying thought? Hopefully, you would be energized by the notion that you are indeed 100% in control.

For the past eight years, Susan Katz has worked as an Executive Coach on the front lines of some of the nation’s most recognizable organizations. During that time she became acutely aware of the one thing that was separating those who had jobs they loved (ones that energized them, tapped into their skills and talents and stretched them to a higher-performance) and those that held positions they hated (ones that depleted their energy, weren’t challenging and caused them to play smaller than they were meant to).

It was Mindset.

Or, put another way, the way they thought.

She understood that just as athletes have learned to tap into their mindset to achieve a higher-level of performance, she could teach professionals and executives in Corporate America the same thing. How to leverage their inner thoughts to imagine, design and manifest the job of their dreams?

Create Your Dream Job: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life is designed to provide you with the missing blue-print in your professional life.

The book will teach you:

  • How to shift the way you look at your entire career
  • How to see opportunities you were previously overlooking
  • How to avoid the job-search mistakes so many others are making
  • How to leverage your circle of influence to open up opportunities
  • Why you need to operate from a strategic plan and stop “winging it.”


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