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Susan Katz Coaching: Identify, Focus, Pursue and Succeed.

In life, you need to identify and focus so you can achieve at your highest level. In business, you grow by achieving specific goals—you pursue and succeed. But sometimes we lose sight of the goal. Sometimes the details of running a business or maintaining a career can have us running in circles.

Susan Katz Coaching teaches you to identify your strengths and holds you accountable to a course of action. Her process creates a focused, strategic plan that’s easy to follow because it’s built on the premise that achievements only happen when we act from our core values and natural strengths. This is true of an individual or an entire corporation.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-national corporation, a small business owner, or a business professional wanting one-to-one coaching, Susan Katz has the intelligence, experience and insight to drive your success. Drawing from her 30-year career as a publishing executive, Susan narrows down your most important first step and sets you on a course of change. Whether it’s finding out what you do best, or reversing the downward trend of a stagnant business model, Susan has the unique ability to help you identify and focus on what you need to do now to make things happen.

A whole-person approach

Discovering and enhancing what you do best is what allows Susan and her team to bring about transformation. This method allows you to make more money and free up valuable time so you can actually live to the full potential of your success.

Let us show you how to be on top of your game and manage all the details of your business with ease — a proven growth-oriented system and process that offers a pathway to success, confidence and an overall better way of life.

Bring back the excitement in your profession!

Let Susan show you that a life in balance brings back the positive experience you once associated with your business. Get away without worrying that something is left unattended or undone. Susan and her team will help you achieve clarity, focus and new levels of success!

Succeed above expectations!

So make the changes necessary to improve your personal and business life. Susan Katz Coaching will transform your outlook and your business and elevate the platform on which you envision…true success.

Susan Provides the Following Services…

Public Speaker
Susan Katz speaks on the challenges people face in their personal and business lives. With a deep and passionate sense for what makes people happy and engaged, audiences receive real-world answers and methods that can change a life…or a whole community.

Group Motivator and Leadership Developer
Most meeting facilitators handle a single event, making sure things run “smoothly.” But the Susan Katz method offers more. Susan aims for quantifiable, sustainable, long-term outcomes through a broader range of inspiration, guidance and leadership experience. Let Susan’s intensive planning strategies and her natural ability to pinpoint and nurture vibrant leaders, build the teams you need to achieve exceptional results in a fast-paced business environment.

Taylor Protocols & the Core Value Index (CVI)
Don’t make the common, and most costly, mistake made by companies: Hiring the wrong people. The Taylor Protocols™ are designed to optimize the people equation in organizations in ways never thought possible before. Most times, it’s not a lack of skill, experience or attitude that prevents a person from being a Top Performer. It’s whether their innate capacity to perform certain functions is suitably matched to the position. If a person’s motivational drivers and sense of contribution doesn’t align with the work they’re being asked to do, they will never rise to the top. Let Susan show you how to hire for maximum results.

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