Team Coaching

At Susan Katz Advantage, our team coaching services will help your team learn to work effectively together.

Are you looking to get more out of your team? Whether you’re a small business owner, sales manager, team leader or executive, our team coaching programs can help boost your productivity, improve teamwork, build better relationships, and contribute to a more communicative, collaborative work environment.

Our team coaching programs are centered on a few key concepts:

  • Buying in to the same goals: Achieving higher productivity is often a matter of getting the team aligned and focused around certain common goals and shared priorities. We can help your team get better at identifying and discussing goals for the overall team, achieving active collaboration, and gaining the benefits of everyone’s best ideas.
  • Developing individual leadership: Our sessions help each member of the team discover how to feel empowered to serve as a “leader” in their own unique way. “Leadership” is not a job title; it’s a way of proactively making a difference wherever you are and however you can.
  • Integrating different work styles: We help people develop their own self-awareness to recognize their preferred styles of communication and ways of working, while also seeing how their styles fit with the rest of the team. We all are “wired” a certain way, with our own intrinsic strengths and styles that make us great at what we do. The challenge for teams often arises when we have to weave together the wiring of multiple people to balance and blend multiple working styles. Our team coaching sessions help team members understand the various ways that their own personal wiring impacts the team. The result? More harmonious communication, more clearly defined goals and expectations, and better productivity.

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