What Others Say About Business Coaching with Susan Katz:


Christine Clapp headshot“Since I started working with Susan three years ago, gross business revenue has more than doubled and my compensation rate has increased significantly. All the while, Susan has helped me delegate effectively and reduce my workload to a more sustainable level. I appreciate Susan’s external perspective, insights, and encouragement that help me set meaningful business goals — and achieve them!”

Christine Clapp, President
Spoken with Authority


Tim Thompson“I met Susan during a challenging time for my business. I had made an acquisition 6 months prior and was just starting to realize it was a big mistake. I was struggling with culture clash in the organization, runaway costs, and a crisis of confidence. Susan’s guidance was invaluable and she acted as equal parts, coach, counselor, and friend. Through our work together, I was able to get focused on our best prospects for growth, make a number of difficult but important decisions, and get things back on track. Within months, our growth re-started and within 3 years our business had tripled in size and I had completed a successful exit. I took a village to make it happen, but Susan was integral in helping me pivot and get the recovery started.” 

Tim Thompson, Entrepreneur & Business Builder


“In the midst of growth and transition, we asked Susan to work with our team to help everyone get focused and equipped for anticipated growth. The session Susan led immediately set the stage for honest and open conversation. As a result, the team identified ways to collaborate and work together more effectively. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Susan as we further develop the organization. I highly recommend Susan Katz Advantage for any business development and coaching needs.

Barbara Reed-DiGia, Resources & Operations Director
Maryland New Directions


“When I decided to seek coaching I was looking for a way to enhance my focus on what was really important, both personally and professionally. I found Susan to be effective at listening to me and using her experience and empathic perspective to guide our conversation to conclusions  and actions that were natural and easy for me to deploy. Within a few sessions I had a clearer direction on what really mattered to my life and how I could be successful. I find myself more present, satisfied and productive every day. Great for my career and my family.”

Kimberly J. Min, Partner
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP


“When we first discussed coaching with Susan we were skeptical about what we could gain from the coaching process. After participating in the first session of the coaching program we quickly saw the advantages of learning how to be more strategically focused, something that helped us transform our business and our lives. Since starting our work with Susan, the business has grown from one employee to seven employees and $10M in revenue.”

Ken Bartz, Owner
Monster Lead Group


“Working with Susan and participating in the SKA Business Advantage coaching program has really helped me increase my productivity, focus and effectiveness as a nonprofit CEO and community leader.”


Karen Stokes
Strong City Baltimore


Baltimore Ravens - business coaching“We have worked with Susan Katz for more than a year. We chose to engage Susan to help us take a very successful sales team to a new level. As a result of working with Susan we have far exceeded our sales expectations for the year. Susan caused us to gain greater clarity, be more organized, goal focused and ultimately much more effective in our work. I would recommend Susan to any organization who is interested in taking their sales or management team performance to a new level.”

Kevin Rochlitz
VP Corporate Sales & Business Development
Baltimore Ravens


“Connecting with Susan Katz has been the most rewarding experience for my professional career, and ultimately my personal life! When I first started working with Susan, I was extremely skeptical of the process and the potential outcomes, but I was knee deep in analysis paralysis and needed a lifejacket – stat! Susan has been that voice of reason and support, a confidant who has not only helped me identify the baseline questions and their solutions, but then has also provided the connections and ideas to help me grow and succeed.

Through Susan’s group coaching, I learned achievable techniques to streamline my workload and better manage my team. These improvements then allowed me to spend more time completing my own projects, and ultimately, this meant I had the energy in the evenings and weekends to pursue things other than work! I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their business or professional trajectory to reach out to Susan, and let her supportive and insightful demeanor guide them through the process!”

Nan Rohrer
Rohrer & Associates


“I wanted to thank you for your ‘Becoming a Strategic Manager’ presentation at this year’s US Chamber Institute for Organization Management. Every year at IOM one or two presenters connect with me and what I am working on in my professional life. This year you win the prize! Among the concepts that connected with me (and there were many) was ‘head trash, think like a leader, and engage people.’ So thank you  – you helped make a difference to me and the initiatives I am working on for success.”
Paul Frey, IOM
Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce


I cannot tell you enough how much working with Susan has helped me focus, feel more confidant, feel less alone in my work decisions, and ultimately make better decisions. 

With that, I have surpassed my income goal by 50%, giving me the income I want, while doing the work I enjoy.”

Kate Scherr-Adams
KS Solutions, LLC


Kirby Fowler″Thank you, once again, for creating such an effective workshop for our senior team.  Every vice president praised your leadership of the process and your great listening skills.″


Kirby Fowler
Downtown Partnership of Baltimore


Henry Mort“Susan has been my teacher, coach, and confidant since early 2012. She’s personable and caring, has a wealth of knowledge, an unending supply of sound advice, a genuinely positive outlook, and an inimitable knack for cutting through the clutter and keeping me on the path for success. I always come away from our meetings feeling energized, more focused, and ready to take on new challenges.”

Henry Mortimer
Mortimer Communications


Mark Jankowski“Susan’s insights completely changed the way I was looking at a major roadblock in my business and my life.  It was as if she just flicked a switch for me and the exact action I needed to take became clear.

I am amazed how she was able to cut through all of the clutter and guide me in the exact right direction.”

Mark Jankowski


Berit Killingstad“We brought Susan Katz in to facilitate the kickoff of our fund raising initiative for Girls Scouts of Central Maryland’s Distinguished Women’s event. The session was extremely informative, interactive, engaging and helped everyone on the committee develop an action plan for 2015. I would strongly recommend Susan to anyone needing to get focused, inspired and get into action!”

Berit Killingstad
Major Gifts Officer
Girls Scouts of Central Maryland


Ben_Willig“When I started engaging in the coaching program with Susan, I was skeptical and had never worked with a coach before.  I was working by myself and working nonstop, tied to my Blackberry 24/7. As a result of focused active participation in the program, my results have soared.  I now have a team of 8 people, work many less hours, my income has increased 40-50% every year, and is now about 10 times more than when I started.  The best part is that I was recently able to take a combined month off from the business for my wedding and honeymoon, and am still on pace to have my most profitable year ever.  My skepticism has gone extinct just like my Blackberry, and I now rely on coaching as an integral part of my business.  I fully believe you are throwing potential dollars away by not working with Susan.”

Ben Willig
Odyessy Realty dba Anchor Knights


Jodi Coplan Rogozinski“We engaged Susan Katz Advantage for our Corporate Retreat in Annapolis, MD.  Thanks to Susan our retreat started with a space of open and honest communication and allowed our team to work effectively to set achievable goals for the future. I would highly recommend her as a speaker or facilitator at your next corporate event. Because of her great work, we will engage Susan’s services on a more regular basis to keep our executive management team on track and growing for the future!”

Jodi Coplan Rogozinski
Director, Global Initiatives & Talent Acquisition
HRS|Coding Elevated


Terri Harrington“Since working with Susan I have become more effective at managing my time, focusing on income producing activities and working on the types of activities that give me the greatest energy.

Susan’s guidance has made me accountable to myself and helped me to redirect my efforts to goals that grow my business and increase my income.”

Terri Harrington
Senior Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.


Jovan OConnor“When I reached out to Susan Katz, I was in a rut because I knew I had the desire and potential to get my business up and running, but it all seemed so overwhelming. Susan gave me the confidence and tools that I needed.  I would recommend Susan to anyone in need of someone to help them grow their business because I can truly say working with her made such a difference in my life.”

Jovan O’Connor
Jovan O’Connor Inc.


William Mapp - business coaching“Before working with Susan I was struggling to grow my business. Today, I can visualize where I want to take the business and what I need to do to get there.

Best of all, I’ve increased profit 25% in under two years.”


William Lee Mapp

Studio Codeworks


“Working with Susan Katz is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business and myself.

She’s delivered more value than I ever anticipated. I am now working less and generating greater revenue and profit.”

Kesha Jones
KJones Consulting


Graphic Beans“Susan’s business coaching has been a huge help to Graphic Beans. Over the past two years we have not only increased business, but also gotten more of the right business. Susan has an immense knowledge of a wide range of business areas – but it is her creativity, insight and people skills that enable her to pass on that knowledge to others and deliver great benefits to a person, team or project in process. If you want change, hire Susan.”

Katrina Wagner
Creative Director and Owner
Graphic Beans


BBJ “In Fall 2010, the Baltimore Business Journal management team hired Susan to assist in developing our vision. Our goal was to develop a statement that our employees could understand and support. Susan helped us drill down to uncover the Journal’s strategic direction, as well as to create an action plan for moving forward.  We successfully presented our vision statement to our team members at our year-end staff meeting.”

John Dinkel
Baltimore Business Journal


BNI“Susan presented one of the most valuable workshops we’ve had at our yearly summit for our BNI Directors and Ambassadors. The content was great, the presentation was fantastic and the participation of our team was exciting.


Jerry Schwartz
BNI Maryland


Kowitz Financial Group“I have worked with others before and Susan stands out in her ability to REALLY listen and help her clients achieve even the loftiest of business goals. I am so happy I listened to my instinct to begin working with her.”


Edna Kowitz
Kowitz Financial Group


Curly Red “Even before I started with Susan officially, she gave me very insightful feedback about patterns she saw in my thinking and behavior. So, when she asked me if I wanted to work with her officially, I didn’t hesitate to say YES!”


Kendall Ludwig


Maroon PR “From the first time I met Susan I knew she was a dynamic person who could help me grow my business. She listened to me, learned about my company and has helped me become a better leader and a stronger business owner.”


John Maroon
Maroon PR

“Rachel and I found your thoughtful advice and guidance invaluable regarding our new business. We have not only gained confidence and clarity but also have specific actions and tools that we can easily implement to propel the business forward. We believe that you must have some magic working! Right after our meeting with you, we attended a broker’s open house and forged two meaningful business connections. Because of this meeting, we have been invited by a mortgage lender to an exclusive office reopening this spring, where we will be introduced to 40-50 brokers.”

Rachel Kowitz & Emily Hubbard

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